Amazing Edinburgh! (1)

I often obsess on how nice this city is, but I also don’t think I’m exaggerating. It’s an amazing place, not too big, but with amazing buildings everywhere, history everywhere, hills in the middle of the city, a castle dominating the skyline, bagpipes playing in the background, an interesting history, and many more things. I loved it, and here are a few pictures from Edinburgh, the mighty Scottish capital city.

Amazing views like this one are everywhere.

snailshutter 003_1600x1179.jpg

Here, a shot of the Dugald Stewart monument, and in the background the Edinburgh castle can be 012_1600x1200

Here, the mighty Scott monument stands proud and tall. This is the world’s largest monument dedicated to an 014_900x1200.jpg

You can even climb the monument through some really narrow stairs, and get some amazing views, like the one bellow showing Princess 013_900x1200.jpg

Here, the hill that hosts Holyrood Park. From up there you get an amazing panorama of the whole city, and you can see the sea as 011_1600x1190.jpg

More photos from this amazing place will follow a bit later!

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