Amazing photos and prints!

I’m a biochemistry student who, besides the subject that I’m studying, I love photography. Whether it’s nature photography, urban, macro, etc., I love capturing moments and scenes. I would also love to see my photos be used, and I want people to see them, so I decided to create snailshutter to show and sell my photos. So whether you just want to see my amazing photos, or buy them, you are more than welcome to check out my blog and my Facebook page @snailshutter. Enjoy!

Bellow two examples of my photos (more will be shown in following posts РI will also try to add a description and/or a short story about the photo and about the place/object/person in the photo.

Here, the majestic York minster, in York, England. This amazing, Gothic-style cathedral, one of the largest of its kind in Northern Europe, managed to amaze me at first site.  snailshutter 001.jpg

This is a panorama of Barcelona, a beautiful city that has almost everything. Amazing building, the feeling of a big city, hills on one side, the sea on the other side, friendly people, nice beer, nice cafes, nice food … a city I would definitely like to see again, or even move and live there.

snailshutter 002.jpg

More to follow!